D51 Operator Training:  ()
D51 Operator Training:  ()
D51 Operator Training:  ()
D51 Operator Training:  ()

D51 Operator Training

Komatsu Europe asked us to join them on a training week at the Komatsu training center in Cartersville (Atlanta). This spot was the ideal location to shoot terrific footage of all types of machines while being operated by Komatsu's certified instructors.


  • Develop an interactive application and website in Flash, that perfectly demonstrates best practices for operators by means of short video clips, supported by a clarifying voice-over.
  • Arrange the shooting of video footage that is suitable for this kind of operator training.
  • Compose a short scenario for each videoclip, based on interviews with Komatsu's training instructors in Cartersville.


Because of the success and ease of use of this type of video training, this e-learning application was extended to several other machines like the HM400, HD605, D275 and D155. What's more, the modular set up of this application enables Komatsu to extend the training material with even more video's and subjects in the nearby future.

The glue: (X)HTML/CSS, Photoshop, AS3, XML

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