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Monitor panel simulator:  ()
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Monitor panel simulator

Komatsu introduced a new monitor panel in the DASH8 range. This large TFT liquid crystal display features a highly intuitive interface giving operators a huge range of functions, adjustments and operating information. A software solution they could use on their PC would allow them to test all the ins & outs of every single button and function on the monitor panel before they start using the real one.


  • In the past, Komatsu's excavator operators could only be trained inside a real excavator cabin. As you can imagine, training a group of people inside the cabin is very difficult.
  • not to mention the cost of reserving an excavator exclusively for training purposes.
  • Komatsu needed a software application that identically simulates every function and feature of the real monitor panel.


  • We turned this simulator into a highly flexible 10-language application (incl. Japanese, Chinese and Russian). The application was entirely built in Flash, with an XML-based substructure.
  • The simulator is now successfully used worldwide by Komatsu's training department to educate service engineers, and by sales people to convince potential clients of the easy-to-use and powerful monitor panel.
The glue: (X)HTML/CSS, AS2, Photoshop, Fuse, Sorenson Squeeze, XML

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